scorio - version 3.4 (October May 2019)

  • Polyphone Parts: Multiple voices within a single instrument
  • Choir template for SATB on two staves SA + TB
  • Cross staff voices and cross staff chords for piano/harp parts

scorio - version 3.3 (March May 2019)

  • Using vector graphics for crisper score display on high resolution screens
  • Zoom in/out of score display
  • Pinch zoom on devices with touch screens
  • Simultaneous support of touch and mouse input
  • Supported devices now cover Macs/PCs/notebooks/tablets/smartphones/ChromeBooks/Linux
  • Virtual keyboard (mouse piano) can be hidden

scorio - version 3.2 (March May 2018)

  • Enhanced Privacy Protection through encrypting all communications traffic with SSL


scorio - version 3.1 (September 2018)

  • Manual system- and page breaks


scorio - version 3.0 (March 2017)

  • Audio playback with MIDIjs, working for all browsers
    Innovative graphical all-notes-visible playback cursor
    MIDI input, now working for all browsers (not yet: Firefox on Windows),
       supporting Web MIDI API and/or Jazz-Plugin
    Much more responsive editing after major hardware and software updates


scorio - version 2.2

  • Complete redesign of web site
  • New Reader app for iPad
  • New subscription model scorio Unlimited


scorio - version 2.1

Enhancements Music Notator App:

  • Layout adaptations for iPhone and Android smartphones
  • User settings (including password) can be changed
  • User screen name displayed above score list
  • Deactivate save button after saving
  • After displaying score return to search
  • Bugfixes


scorio - version 2.0 (09.12.2013)

  • New Music Notator App for iPad and Android tablets
  • Improved error handling in note editor
  • 10.1.2014: MIDI recording re-enabled for scorio Pro users


scorio - version 1.1.8 (05.04.2013)

  • New MIDI functions using Jazz plugin
  • Enter notes directly with MIDI keyboard, configurable via menu Tools/MIDI settings
  • Enter notes rhythmically with MIDI keyboard via menu Tools/Record MIDI (scorio Pro)
  • Import MIDI files via menu File/Import/MIDI (scorio Pro)
  • Keyboard shortcuts to change the note duration in the toolbar: 1 = whole, 2 = half, 3 = 32nd, 4 = quarter, 6 = 16th, 8 = eighth, . = change dots, <space> = toggle between note and rest
  • 24.04.2013 - Bugfix in scorio Notator App: Notes and rests are now again inserted at expected position.


scorio - version 1.1.7 (13.03.2013)

  • Part names and abbreviations (menu File/Score/Instruments)
  • Sound support for all General MIDI instruments (menu File/Score/Instruments)
  • Change volume and mute individual parts (menu File/Score/Instruments)
  • Support for transposing instruments (menu File/Score/Instruments)
  • scorio Pro: Extract one or more parts from score (menu File/Score/Extract parts)
  • Improved dialogs


scorio - version 1.1.6 (21.11.2012)

  • Share your scores with friends or integrate them into web sites (menu File/Share)
  • Jingle competition to find a scorio jingle


scorio - version 1.1.5 (15.10.2012)

  • Time signature changes: select  a bar line and choose a new time signature in the time signature toolbar menu
  • Chord rests (N.C. for No Chord): select "no chord" as root in the Chord Dialog => N.C. will be displayed in the score
  • Migration to new LilyPond version 2.16


scorio - version 1.1.4 (04.09.2012)

  • Key signature change within a line (Select a note/rest/clef/barline => choose a new key signature in the key toolbar menu).


scorio - version 1.1.3 (01.03.2012)

  • Copy and paste from one line (Select notes and rests => CTRL-C or menu/edit/copy => select target position by clicking a note or rest => CTRL-V or menu/edit/paste).
  • Clef change within a line (Select a note/rest/clef => choose a new clef in the clef menu).
  • MusicXML-Import: Disable submit button after submission.


scorio - version 1.1.2 (26.01.2012)

  • Search for recent and your own published scores
  • Browse scores by title
  • Import supports MusicXML 3.0
  • PDF/graphics conversion improvements


scorio - version 1.1.1 (06.12.2011)

  • Change score structure: Add and remove instrumental parts and staves within a part
  • MusicXML import and PDF/graphics conversion: Option to automatically create a distinct staff for each voice in a polyphonic input staff (useful for converting choir music written in piano staff notation into four-part notation).


scorio - version 1.1.0 (27.10.2011)

  • scorio Pro account with many features:
    • PDF and graphics file conversion (desktop/notebook, not on iPad)
    • Score transposition
    • Display chords as guitar symbols (frets)
    • MIDI export (desktop/notebook, not on iPad)
  • iPad Music Notator App adapted to iOS 5
  • iPad Music Case extensions:
    • Now supporting 128 MIDI instruments
    • MIDI instrument can be selected separately for each voice
    • Separate control and muting for each voice
    • Instruments can be changed during playback
    • Turn pages with AirTurn Wireless Page Turner
    • AirPlay support via WIFI or Bluetooth
    • Online help


scorio - version 1.0.11 (30.08.2011)

  • Slurs
  • Dynamics
  • Faster startup of editor


scorio - version 1.0.10 (20.07.2011)

  • Enhancements for scorio Music Case
  • Bugfix for login problems due to incorrect language settings


scorio - version 1.0.9 (06.06.2011)

  • Bugfixes


 scorio - version 1.0.8 (09.05.2011)

  • Manual ties
  • MusicXML export (desktop/notebook, not on iPad)
  • Update of help page for iPad


scorio - version 1.0.7 (04.04.2011)

  • Texts and text headings
  • Enter a lyricist or poet
  • Apply button added in chords, lyrics, and text dialog to directly display changes in the score
  • Clicked syllable is selected in lyrics dialog
  • Accidentals are adapted to key signature when moving note


scorio - version 1.0.6 (08.03.2011)

  • Chord symbols such as Amaj7 or Fdim.
  • Help for entering chords.
  • Lead-Sheet templates for blues.
  • New longa and brevis duration.
  • Menus close on mouse out.


scorio - version 1.0.5 (21.02.2011)

  • Volta brackets
  • Toolbar menus open on mouse over.
  • Artikulation moved to toolbar menu.
  • Bugfix: Playback of multitrack scores on iPad.
  • Warn user when javascript or cookies are disabled.


 scorio - version 1.0.4 (03.02.2011)

  • First version for iPad: Adds support for chord note input, MusicXML import is not supported.
  • Repeats and other special bar lines
  • New time signatures added: 3/2, 4/2, 5/2, 6/2.


scorio - version 1.0.3 (17.01.2011)

  • Export score as Lilypond (*.ly) file (File => Export Lilypond).
  • New score templates (File => New Score)
  • PDF scores are not opened in editor window, but depending on browser in a new tab or new window.


scorio - version 1.0.2 (13.12.2010)

  • Support for lyrics with multiple stanzas. Lyrics dialog can be opened via menu or by clicking a syllable.
  • Lyrics added to sample scores
  • Cancel dialog with escape, accept with return key (except lyrics dialog).
  • Fixed bug when saving imported score.


scorio - version 1.0.1 (29.11.2010)

  • MusicXML (*.xml) and zipped MusicXML (*.mxl) import. One voice is imported for each staff. Only notation elements that can be edited are imported.
  • A score is now played from a selected note / rest or for a selected region. If there is no selection, the complete score is played.
  • A selected note is changed into a rest when selecting a rest in the tool box. Changing a rest into a note is not possible, since a rest does not have pitch information.
  • When saving a new score, title and composer are suggested as score name.


scorio - version 1.0.0 (11.11.2010)

Organizing scores

  • Create a new score
  • Score templates:  Single Staff, Piano Solo, Organ, Piano and Voice, Piano and two Voices, String Quartet
  • Open user's own scores
  • Search and open other users' scores (via search page)
  • Save score
  • Save score as
  • Export score as PDF
  • Publish score with Creative Commons Licence 2.0 (by default, a score is only visible to it's owner)
  • Take back publication
  • Delete score

Editing scores

  • Edit composer and title
  • Insert notes and rests by left-clicking in the score or by using the mouse piano
  • Take toolbar settings into account when inserting notes and rests
  • Create chord or add to a chord by left-clicking above or below an existing note
  • Move notes and rests by drag & drop
  • Move notes and rests within a line by control-drag & drop
  • Select by left-clicking
  • Multi-select by left-clicking & dragging or by control-left-clicking
  • Delete selected notes and rests
  • Clear all selections and reset toolbar using the escape key
  • Change selected clef
  • Change global time signature
  • Change global key
  • Globally set upbeat
  • Change accidental of a selected note
  • Change duration of a selected note or rest
  • Change dotting of selected note or rest
  • Transform selected notes or rests into triplets
  • Remove triplet property by selecting triplet bracket or number and deleting selection
  • Articulation: staccato, tenuto, accent
  • Set fermata on selected note
  • Final bar line
  • Tool tips with musical information for notes, rests, clefs, key signatures, time signatures, mouse piano keys and menus

Playing back scores

  • Play back scores
  • Stop play back
  • Change play back tempo

Layout, navigation and update

  • Automatic score layout with lilypond score engine
  • Pagewise display of score
  • Jump to a certain page
  • Update score using refresh button
  • Out-of-date note systems are dimmed by glass panel
  • Update page by left-clicking on glass panel
  • Undo and redo
  • Inserted notes and rests are automatically selected after update
  • Toolbar is updated according to selection