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Important Notice: Your current Music Notator App won't be updated anymore!!!

We put all our efforts into redesigning our Music Notator App. Unfortunately this app had to be published under another account. The new scorio Music Notator App is available from now in the App Store at the introductory price of $ 9,99.

The app offers more ergonomic handling than ever. Now you enter and edit music intuitively with the tips of your fingers. Short touches select notation elements, long touches let you insert new notes into melodies and chords. Edit notes by moving them with your fingers. Fast scrolling, zooming, page turning and orientation change give you quick and comfortable access to every little detail as well as a perfect overview.

The new scorio Music Notator App will be offered at the introductory price of $ 9,99 and includes some of the scorio Pro features in addition to the base functionality. This allows users to transpose their scores, display and edit chords and fret symbols or even extract or add parts. The integrated search gives you fast access to thousands of scores published on www.scorio.com. Beyond this you also benefit from seamless interaction between the PC and tablet. Your compositions are always saved in your account and therefore available both in the notator app on your mobile device and in a browser at www.scorio.com on a PC or Mac. Even on your friend's notebook.

Get it now and benefit from the introductory price of only $ 9.99 until 31.12.2013.

A lot has happened since the publication of the first scorio music notation app. On January 1st, 2012 scorio became an independent company and had to create a new company account on the App Store. Unfortunately, we could not transfer the prior versions of our apps into this new account.

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