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scorio Plans

scorio offers three different plans:

scorio Test - try free

scorio Test includes all essential functions to write scores. Convenience functions and the import and export of scores are not available here. The number of scores, score templates and parts is restricted. To use the free test account you need to register once on scorio.com.

scorio Pro - our most popular plan

scorio Pro includes all functions from the test account plus convenience functions such as transposition and automatic part extraction. Scores can be imported and exported in various file formats. You can write up to 20 scores. The Pro plan is available for $6.99 per month and may be canceled at a month's notice.

scorio Unlimited - the plan for the productive

scorio Unlimited includes all functions of the Pro plan. There is no limit on the number of scores. You can create free co-user accounts for your family members and for your music students.

You can switch plans any time according to your needs. It is not necessary to register again.

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Function Overview Online Note Editor

The table gives a detailed overview of the functions available in the different scorio accounts.

scorio Test
Price (per month)
US$ 0
US$ 6.99
US$ 19.99
Score editing
Enter and change notes with mouse
Enter notes with keyboard
Simple note entry with MIDI keyboard
Save scores
Rhythmical note entry with MIDI keyboard
Notation elements
Automatically optimized layout
Automatic split of durations into several measures (except for upbeats)
Number of parts per score
up to 4
Number of saved scores
up to 5
up to 20
Chord symbols
Guitar chords
Score playback
Play score
Change playback tempo
MIDI instruments
Score import and export
Import MusicXML files
Import MIDI files
8 measures
Export MusicXML files
Export MIDI files
Export Lilypond files
Create free co-user accounts for your family members. Co-users enjoy all the features of scorio Pro, but may not create co-users themselves.
Create co-user accounts for your music students. Co-users enjoy all the features of scorio Pro, but may not create co-users themselves.
Browse published scores
Browse your own scores
Save time
Score templates
Change score structure
Transpose scores
Automatic part extraction
Score sharing
Print scores as PDF
Publish scores
Share scores with friends
Embed scores into web sites
Questions & Answers
Help articles