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Music notation for your tablet – write down your music easily whenever and wherever inspiration strikes!


Write your music on-line
Write your music online!
Edit your music when you're on the go!
Edit your music when you're on the go!
When inspiration strikes
Write down your music no matter when inspiration strikes!


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Intuitive notation software for tablets and smartphones

The new scorio Notator App for tablets and smartphones helps you write down your music when inspiration strikes. To do so, you transform your device into a digital notebook. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can put down your ideas in writing either in an existing score or a completely new one.

The current app has been redesigned in the last few weeks and we are proud to present the result. The new scorio Notator App is much more intuitive and user-friendly than its predecessor, thanks to extensive feedback from our customers.

Writing music is getting easier and easier!

With the new toolbar on the left side of the screen, you can select the function you would like to use. Just click on it and place it in the staff. The function remains active until a new icon is selected.

The piano in the lower section of the screen has been created to be more ergonomic. You can play your music on it as if you were actually sitting at a piano. And with acoustic MIDI playback, you have immediate control over your music.

Since all scorio products are connected to each other through the free registration, the scorio Notator App is the perfect supplement to the scorio Note Editor. Once you have saved a piece online, the score can be called up immediately in the Notator App. You can compose anywhere you have an Internet connection.

With the purchase of the new scorio Notator App, you also automatically receive some of the functions of a scorio Pro subscription like transposition or part extraction. You can of course pruchase the subscription here and use it on the web.

Interested? Then download the scorio Music Notator App for a one-time fee of $9.99 and enter a new world of composition.

scorio Music Notator für Android Geräte  scorio Music Notator für iPad 

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An overview of the Music Notator functions

Access to different score sources

  • Empty score templates for creating your own pieces
  • Self-written and saved scores
  • Scores from the scorio music search function

Composing and editing

  • Four clefs to choose from: treble, alto, tenor and bass
  • Defining and changing key
  • Selecting note length
  • Defining pause length
  • Defining beat length
  • Movable keyboard for direct entry as if you were sitting at a piano
  • MIDI playback for acoustic control of written music
  • Scalable note image
  • Link to your scorio Account with your password
  • Compatibility with all other scorio products, even with the scorio Music Case

scorio Pro functions

With the purchase of the scorio Notator App, you receive the unlimited use of the following scorio Pro functions: 

  • Transposition at the push of a button
  • Part extract
  • Display of guitar frets

You do not have to pay any subscription for these functions. If you want to use the scorio Pro functions online, you must complete the subscription.

 score play back        dialog area

 keyboard note insert        score picker

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