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scorio Basic

With the free scorio Basic Account, you can easily and intuitively learn the secrets of music notation. You'll have the help of 19 score templates for up to 8 parts as well as a clearly arranged toolbar.

Brand new this year – scorio Basic users can connect a MIDI keyboard. The music played is transmitted directly to the Music Editor and can be tracked on the screen. You can then polish off your score with the mouse. Your masterpiece is complete! Try it out now! You'll be thrilled with the simplicity of the scorio Online Music Editor.

An overview of scorio Basic functions:

And the best part?

Thanks to the MusicXML interface, you can reuse scores that you have written with other music notation programs. Furthermore, your masterpieces can be read by all other scorio products. You'll have your music on hand whenever you have an Internet connection. With the scorio Basic Account, you can save three scores; if you need unlimited storage space, you can subscribe to scorio Pro.

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Or watch the introductory video here!

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Introductory video

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scorio Pro

The majority of the population should not be deprived of priceless assets such as culture and music. We at scorio advocate free access to music, and particularly work with music, for everyone. This is why the basic version of our Music Editor is and will remain free of charge.

So that our untiring developers can improve and expand the editor, we offer a subscription to the extended functions of the editor. For only $6.99 monthly, you get unlimited storage space and a whole range of additional functions. Of course, your subscription can be cancelled at any time and is available without a minimum contract period. So don't hesitate – try it out now!

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 Buy scorio Pro now for only $6.99 monthly!

An overview of scorio Pro functions

  • Transposition with one click
    You can transpose the score to any key from C major to B minor. Unlike the acoustic transposition of MIDI playback, this function changes the notes. The piece can then be saved under a new name.
  • Part extraction
    You sing in a choir and would like to study your own voice in the score? With the "Voice extract" function, you can select the voice(s) that you actually need. With just two clicks, the new score can be printed out or saved. The source file remains untouched.
  • Conversion of PDF and graphic files
    This function converts PDF or graphic files, such as PNG files, to music notation files. The music is loaded in the editor and can be processed from there. You get the best results with PDF files created in high resolution from a music notation program.
  • Importing and exporting of MIDI files
    You have MIDI files and have always wanted to see or print out the music? There's nothing easier. With the "MIDI import" function, the file is loaded to the scorio Music Editor with just a few clicks and can be printed out or edited. It is just as easy to export a scorio score to a MIDI file.
  • Rhythmic MIDI entry
    Even with the Basic Account, scorio users can connect their MIDI instruments and transmit the music played to the Music Editor. With the scorio Basic Account, entry is made without beat or tempo settings. With scorio Pro, on the other hand, these are preset. You can therefore compose your entry rhythmically and will barely have to do any reworking on the score.
  • Display of guitar frets
    You're a guitar player and want the frets to be displayed? That's no problem with scorio Pro! This function is available here and only here.


Notice for purchase processing

To subscribe to scorio Pro, you must be registered with scorio. When logged in, click the "Buy" button and you will be forwarded to our service provider FastSpring.com, who processes the subscription for us. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help. Just contact us at support@scorio.com.

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Function Overview Online Note Editor

The table gives a detailed overview of the functions available in the different scorio accounts.

scorio Test
Price (per month)
US$ 0
US$ 6.99
US$ 19.99
Score editing
Enter and change notes with mouse
Enter notes with keyboard
Simple note entry with MIDI keyboard
Save scores
Rhythmical note entry with MIDI keyboard
Notation elements
Automatically optimized layout
Automatic split of durations into several measures (except for upbeats)
Number of parts per score
up to 4
Number of saved scores
up to 5
up to 20
Chord symbols
Guitar chords
Score playback
Play score
Change playback tempo
MIDI instruments
Score import and export
Import MusicXML files
Import MIDI files
8 measures
Export MusicXML files
Export MIDI files
Export Lilypond files
Create free co-user accounts for your family members. Co-users enjoy all the features of scorio Pro, but may not create co-users themselves.
Create co-user accounts for your music students. Co-users enjoy all the features of scorio Pro, but may not create co-users themselves.
Browse published scores
Browse your own scores
Save time
Score templates
Change score structure
Transpose scores
Automatic part extraction
Score sharing
Print scores as PDF
Publish scores
Share scores with friends
Embed scores into web sites
Questions & Answers
Help articles