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Questions and Answers

This page summarizes user questions from support and forums. Please check first, if your questions have already been answered here, on the help pages or in the forum. If not, ask in the forums before writing to  support@scorio.com. This way, the answer will help other users, too.

Getting Started

How do I register on scorio.com?
Before using the scorio note editor you need to register on scorio.com. Registration is free of charge:

  1. On the Sign In page, click on "Create Account".
  2. Enter a screen name of your choice along with your credentials and the number displayed in the image above text verification.
  3. Don't forget to accept the General Terms and Conditions and click "Save".
  4. A password will be sent to your e-mail address.

After that, you may log in with screen name and password and write and save your scores with the note editor.

How do I change my password?
After login on scorio.com you will find a "Profile" tab next to "Note Editor". Click on Profile to enter the new password. Click the Save button to confirm. For safety, we recommend that you change the automatically generated first password.

Can I save scores on my tablet and then edit those scores on my computer?
Yes, you can save your scores in the editor and access them anytime in a supported browser on another computer for further editing.

What browsers are supported?
We support Firefox and Chrome (recommended) as well as Internet Explorer from version 9 and Safari.

How do I find scores on scorio.com?
On our home page, you can either click the "search scores" link or just enter text in the search field on top. This will lead you to the search site where you can browse hundreds of scores and load them into the note editor.

Playback does not work in my browser or iPad.
For help about playback please have a look at this forum thread.

If playback does not work in Firefox or Chrome you are probably missing a plugin capable of playing MIDI files (e. g. the Quicktime plugin). Due to a problem in Safari MIDI playback does not work at present in Safari browser with Windows.

On the iPad please check in the Settings/General tab whether you have configured the side switch to "Mute". If yes, turn on the "system sound switch". It is just beside the volume control and switches off all system sounds, e. g. sounds you hear when clicking the virtual text keyboard. However it does not switch off audio and video media such as YouTubes. System sounds are produced when clicking the play button or the music keyboard in the scorio editor. Therefore the system sound switch must be activated to turn on playback.

How do I delete my account?
We can delete the account for you. You will loose all scores written on scorio.com. Please send a short e-mail to support@scorio.com that your account should be deleted.


Online Note Editor

Is there an introduction to the note editor?
Our help site explains the first steps in the note editor. There is also a link to an introductory video.

What is the best way to enter notes?
You have several options to enter notes.

The easiest way is to enter notes just by clicking into the score. Use the following shortcuts to change the note duration in the toolbar: 1 = whole, 2 = half, 3 = 32nd, 4 = quarter, 6 = 16th, 8 = eighth, . = change dots, <space> = switch between note and rest. If you have a MIDI keyboard you can enter notes very quickly with the connected keyboard.

I am always getting quarter notes. How do I change the duration of a note?
Click the note symbol in the toolbar and select the desired duration. If you have selected one or more notes before this will change their duration. Otherwise it will set the duration for new notes to be inserted.

How can words or syllables be placed under the proper notes for a song?
Use the Lyrics dialog from the Score menu and enter your text. Split syllables with the "Split syllables" button as needed. The syllables will be placed below the notes when you click the Apply button.

What does the publishing license on scorio.com mean?
You may publish your scores under the Creative Commons 2.0 License. This means that your score can be shared (copied, distributed, transmitted) and used commercially, and that it can be remixed (adapted) as long as the attribution to your name is kept and that it is shared only under the same license.

How can I take back the publication of my score on scorio.com?
Open the score and click the publish button again. If your score has already been published, you will be asked whether you want to take back the publication. Confirm with OK.

Can I edit my score measure by measure without changing the notes in the following measures?
The editor works like a text processor: When you insert something, everything that follows is moved forward. Shifting the notes horizontally assures that notes need not be shortened/extended or rests need to be inserted. You may insert or delete notes at arbitrary positions independent of bar lines, and then check with the bar lines whether the notes fit into the time signature.

Why can't I start a new line?
A line/staff is wrapped automatically if it is overfull. Click the "Refresh score" button in the navigation bar on the right (next to the page number) to recompute page and line breaks.

Can I write several voices in one line?
At present scorio supports one voice per staff only. You can produce multiple voices locally by using ties. Multiple voices per staff are on our roadmap.

Why can I select and delete some but not all ties?
There are two types of ties:

  • Manual ties entered with the tie symbol in the toolbar. These ties can be selected und deleted, e. g. with the Delete key.
  • Automatic ties which are created when a note is shifted over a measure boundary. These ties can not be selected nor deleted. Instead you need to change the note duration of the tied note.

Please note: Although a note is split when shifting it over a measure boundary, it is still treated as one note. The same holds for rests shifted over a measure boundary.

I am already using a music notation program. How can I import scores into scorio or export them to my notation program?
scorio offers MusicXML import/export for this purpose. The MusicXML format is supported by all major music notation programs. You can use it any time to continue editing scores in scorio or in your notation program. More information about MusicXML import/export can be found here.

Some staff lines are not displayed in my browser.
Make sure that the zoom factor in your browser is always set to 100% (Normal), e. g. with Ctrl+0 ("Zero") in Firefox. If you scale down the display, some staff lines may not be displayed any more.

I am missing important feaures in the note editor. How can I make suggestions?
We are happy to read your suggestions for improvements and new features in the forum. We will add them to our feature list. We cannot fulfill all wishes at once (although we would like to), so we kindly ask for your patience.



Why do I have to register in the app?
You need to register on scorio.com to be able to save and reload scores on any computer. Registration is free of charge.

What apps need internet connectivity?
The Music Notator app needs permanent internet connection because the score rendering is done on our server. This has the advantage that you can benefit from the excellent automatic type-setting with LilyPond on tablets.

The Music Case app needs internet connection only for downloading or modifying scores (e.g. to transpose a score or to add page breaks).

How do I turn pages?
Swipe right or left to switch to next or previous page.

The Music Notator app has some limitations because there is no mouse for entering notes.
On tablets it is a bit tricky to enter notes with the finger. Therefore it is better to zoom into the score or to use the music keyboard below the score to enter notes.


scorio Pro

What is the best way to correct the score if a PDF was not perfectly imported?
For correcting an imported PDF score we recommend to start with correcting the "global" score porperties (key, time signature and upbeat). Sometimes the import result looks quite wrong although only a few notes have wrong durations thereby shifting all following notes. By correcting these note lengths the score can be corrected pretty fast.

How do I cancel my subscription?
There is a link in the subscription confirmation e-mail initially sent to you after you purchased the scorio Pro subscription. You will find the link below the order ID. If you follow it you may cancel your subscription on the upcoming site.