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How to link to a score

Published scores on scorio can be linked to from any web page that allows links. Following the link will open a copy of the score in the scorio editor.

Here is an example of a link to a scorio score: Example score


Link to a scorio score in 8 steps

  • Login on scorio.com
  • Open the score you want to share in scorio editor.
  • Publish the score using the Publish button or Menu > File > Publish.
  • Open the share dialog using Menu > File > Share.
  • Wait until the dialog displays a preview of the score. This step is taking some time, because the images for the share box are being created in the background.
  • Copy the share link from the bottom of the dialog and close the dialog.
  • Insert the link in the place where you need it using the <a> tag.
  • Save and test the link.

As long as you are logged into scorio, the share link will work just for you. For others, the link will only work, if you have published your score. The reason is that other users do not have the permission to view your unpublished scores. It is therefore advisable to test the link when logged out of scorio.

If you have already created a score box for the score, you can just copy the link from the Share dialog without the publishing step. Creating a score box automatically publishes the score.

If you don't intend to use the score box, using the Publish dialog is the preferred way of activating a share link, because not creating the share images along with the score box saves storage space.