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scorio.com on iPad – writing music is mobile!
The free music editor on the web now as an iPad application

According to the motto "discover your inner composer" scorio.com, the free music notator on the web, has launched a music notation application for the iPad. Composers and ambitious musicians can use it to record their inspirations quickly, easily, and intuitively. Just tap on the notation app – entering your notes in the note editor is easy as pie. To make it even easier, the notes can be entered via the ergonomic keys of the notation app on a virtual piano keyboard.

With the iPad app you can compose melodies, songs, or harmonies. Chord symbols, arrangements, or bars are recorded in scores. But that's not enough for the creators of scorio: thanks to an integrated MIDI player, the composed pieces can be played back immediately. In addition, they can be printed out in the proven, professional high quality of scorio.com.

When you compose pieces with the notation app, you can continue to work on them on your Mac or PC via the website at www.scorio.com. Scorio thus gives you more freedom in the creative process of writing music.

The music notator app is being offered for free in the introductory phase.

Profile of scorio.com
After studying computer science and musical education in Karlsruhe, Johannes Feulner became one of the co-founders of the software company, fun communications GmbH. Together with the company, he has been playing a significant role in developing services for major Internet service providers for more than 16 years. Himself a music teacher and hobby composer, he always missed a means of easily writing music online, and so he founded the music portal www.scorio.com.  As a link between the worlds of music und information technology, Johannes Feulner is exploiting the long-standing technological expertise of fun communications to develop scorio.com. In the long term, he would like to establish www.scorio.com as the central portal for sheet music on the Internet. 

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