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This autumn sees the German launch of a unique music portal, At the heart of this portal is a free sheet music editor for all ages. The note editor can be used online at It allows every musician, music student, music teacher, choirmaster or budding composer to write and print their very own music and publish it in the scorio community free of charge, with just a few mouse-clicks and without any computer skills whatsoever. was designed with a special focus on education and upbringing. With its intuitive user guidance, the sheet music editor is suitable for children and is ideal for use in music lessons, giving children and teenagers a playful introduction to music. The musical notes are simply dragged and dropped onto the virtual keyboard, or created with the mouse, and can be played straight away. Music teachers can use the editor to arrange existing scores to meet the needs of their classes.

Its wealth of functions for professional music notations makes the perfect teaching platform for older students at schools and colleges. Musical experts with more demanding quality standards will also be enthralled. With the LilyPond music notation, users are able to create sheet music of the best professional quality. The graphical presentation of the notes corresponds to classical sheet music, both online and as printouts.

But is much more than just a sheet music editor. It regards itself as a central portal for musical notes on the Internet, which is why it gives musicians the opportunity to share their scores with others and publish them. This means that musical compositions can at last come out into the open, free of charge and without any fuss. Band members are able to work on their music wherever they are, and choirmasters can use the platform to distribute their very latest song music.

A forum rounds off the features currently available at Here users can share both their experiences with the editor as well as the music they have published. Discussions can take place about new musical works, for instance. Musical groups can find new members, or it can be used to announce musical events, etc. The community's creativity is boundless.

Boundaries are just as limitless for the developers of Interested visitors can already look forward to a great many more innovations. The existing framework will be consistently expanded and enhanced with new functions. Here the team will also be seeking co-operation from within the music industry.

After studying computer science and musical education in Karlsruhe, Johannes Feulner became one of the co-founders of the software company,
fun communications GmbH. Together with the company, he has been playing a significant role in developing services for major Internet service providers for more than 16 years. Himself a music teacher and hobby composer, he always missed a means of easily writing music online, and so he founded the music portal  As a link between the worlds of music und information technology, Johannes Feulner is exploiting the long-standing technological expertise of fun communications to develop In the long term, he would like to establish as the central portal for sheet music on the Internet. 


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