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New paths, new opportunities, new partnerships:
Leondra music expands its range of services to include the score editor scorio

Leondra music and scorio share the same vision of an inexorable digitalization of the music world. Using their combined strengths, they hope to provide musicians of today with a platform in which they can better assert themselves in today's changed music world. Collaboration was therefore called for. Leondra music now integrates the score editor scorio into its business platform. All musicians registered with Leondra music will soon be able to use this service.

Starting from July 2011, the two innovative music start-ups Leondra GmbH & Co. KG and scorio.com (a trademark of fun communications GmbH) intend working together. To this end, Leondra music is integrating the online musical score editor scorio.com with immediate effect as a value-added service into the Leondra music business platform.

"We are looking forward to an exciting, customer-oriented collaboration with our new partner scorio", says the Managing Director of Leondra GmbH & Co. KG, Sandra Leonie Ritter. "Mr. Feulner and I share the same vision. We believe that musicians should not be restricted in their creativity but should instead be able to express it fully at all times."

scorio is more than just a score editor: in future, Leondra customers will even be able to use it with a print on demand service. scorio currently has over 3,000 musical scores. In addition, with just a few clicks and without any particular computer skills, musicians or aspiring composers can write, edit and change their own musical scores online and even release these in the scorio community. In this way, the newly composed music can leave the quiet little room where it was created and go out into the world, free of charge and without any obstacles. Band members can work on their music from just about anywhere while choir directors can distribute their current song notes over the network. There really are no limits placed on the community's creativity.

Leondra music
, we have found a partner who can exploit the strengths of the scorio platform in the best way possible", comments Johannes Feulner, Managing Director of fun communications GmbH.

About scorio.com
After studying computer science and musical education in Karlsruhe, Johannes Feulner became one of the co-founders of the software company,
fun communications GmbH. Together with the company, he has been playing a significant role in developing services for major Internet service providers for more than 16 years. Himself a music teacher and hobby composer, he always missed a means of easily writing music online, and so he founded the music portal www.scorio.com.  As a link between the worlds of music und information technology, Johannes Feulner is exploiting the long-standing technological expertise of fun communications to develop scorio.com. In the long term, he would like to establish www.scorio.com as the central portal for sheet music on the Internet. 

About Leondra
The company Leondra GmbH & Co. KG promotes young music acts who embody a modern lifestyle. A style that is characterized by a constant willingness to experiment and a rein-terpretation of both the classic and the contemporary. Leondra produces and promotes under its own label Leondra music. Its aim is to support artists in their development and to prepare them for working with big labels and, increasingly, event organizers. This sup-port includes, amongst other things, the production of the artist's first song as a basis for promoting their first record or online release as well as organizing small concerts. In addi-tion to placing its artists with concert agencies, Leondra, in cooperation with a growing number of partner companies, also handles issues like sales, public relations and market-ing for the musicians and their music.

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Marketing Manager: Audrey Wetterwald
Lorenzstrasse 29
D-76135 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 96448-163
Fax: +49 721 96448-299

Press contact Leondra
Managing Director: Sandra Leonie Ritter
Leondra GmbH & Co. KG
MAFINEX - Technologiezentrum
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D-68163 Mannheim
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