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scorio Music Case 2.5 Help

For questions and help, please also go to the scorio forums.

What is Music Case?

scorio Music Case is an advanced music score reader for the Apple iPad. Score pages will be automatically formatted appropriately for the iPad. You may specify page breaks for formatting, and transpose the music to any key.

In addition to the use as a digital music stand, scorio Music Case can also play scores. During playback the actual measure is highlighted and pages are turned automatically. You can select a MIDI instrument for every voice and adjust its volume individually. For example by muting your own voice, you can practice together with the remaining voices. You can even tune the standard pitch of the piece to your own instrument.

The Music Case supports turning pages with AirTurn Wireless Page Turner (useful in performances) and playback with Apple AirPlay to play music on a stereo equipment.

scorio Music Case is installed via Apple Store: Music Case in Apple Store

Music Case / Score Gallery

When you open scorio Music Case, an image gallery appears displaying all scores on your iPad. All buttons labeled "Music Case" lead back to the gallery view.

  • Score Gallery

    The score gallery in the middle of the page displays thumbnails of all scores stored in scorio Music Case. Multiple layouts of a score may exist, each of which represented by its own thumbnail. For portrait and landscape orientation different layouts can be saved. With a horizontal swipe you can navigate through the scores.

  • Tab Navigation

    Navigate between the main windows of the Music Case with the tabs that are arranged on the black bar at the bottom of the page. The tabs will be described in a separate section of this help.

  • Help

    In the upper left corner of the gallery you will find the help button which goes to this site. You can also view the help in the browser.

  • Edit

    Use the Edit button in the upper right corner of the gallery to delete scores from scorio Music Case. If you click the button a red minus sign appears on each thumbnail. When you click the minus sign, the corresponding layout is deleted. If you delete the last layout for one orientation of a score, the entire score will be removed from the Music Case because each score requires at least one layout per orientation.

My Scores

The view "My Scores" can be accessed via the tab "My Scores" in the black navigation bar at the bottom of the page.

  • Score List

    The score list in the middle of the page shows your private and published scores stored on scorio. After clicking on a score, a preview of this score will be displayed. To permanently store the score in scorio Music Case, you must save it with the Save button (see section Score Preview).

  • Refresh

    The Refresh button in the upper right corner of the page refreshes the list of your scores. This is useful if you have stored a score on scorio and you would like to display and load it into the already open Music Case.

Score Preview

The score preview opens when you load a score via "My Scores" or "Search" in the Music Case. The score preview allows to screen scores without saving them. To permanently store a score in the Music Case, you must save it.

  • Page turn

    Browse through the score with a horizontal swipe.

  • Click

    When you click into the score in the score preview, a blue control bar will show up or hide at the top of the page.

  • Save

    To permanently store a score in the Music Case, make the blue control bar visible by clicking. Click the Save button in the upper right corner to store the score. Saved scores will be displayed in the score gallery. After storing the score is set to the playback mode.

  • Back

    To return to the page from which you came (My Scores or Search) click the button in the left corner of the control bar.

Playback Mode

The playback mode is active after loading a score from the score gallery or storing a score in preview mode. 

  • Score following

    When you play a score the measure being currently played is highlighted. Pages are turned automatically before playback continues on a new page.

  • Manual Page turn

    In addition to automatic page turn the user can also turn pages manually during playback with a horizontal swipe gesture. After a manual page turn the view jumps back to the page currently being played with the next automatic page turn.

Edit Mode

The Edit mode is activated when you click into the score after loading a saved score or when you click the pencil button in the upper right corner of the playback control.

  • Music Case

    The Music Case button on the upper left leads to the score gallery.

  • Done

    The Done button on the upper right leads to the playback mode.

  • Zoom

    If you move two fingers towards or away from each other (iPad zoom gesture), the score view is scaled down or up. The size setting is used as the desired resolution next time you create music sheets. The current size setting (as percentage) is displayed in the blue footer.

  • Transposition
  • The Transposition button opens a menu where you can specify the key to which the score shall be transposed next time you create music sheets. "Without transposition" restores the original key. "For Instruments ..." transposes the score for transposing instruments. For example if we choose "for Instruments in D" in a piece in G major, a b-flat will be set in the resulting score. The other menu entries "To ..."  let you choose a desired target key. After transposition the piece will have the signs indicated in parentheses behind the target key. If you choose "C# major/g# minor" for instance, you will get a score with 7 sharps regardless of the original key of the piece.

  • Page Breaks

    The Page Breaks button enables/disables measure numbers on current page. Click on a measure number to set/unset page break(s) which will be considered next time you create music sheets.

  • Play

    The Play button plays the score.

  • Open Playback Control

    The Playback Control button opens the playback control panel.

  • Reset

    The reset button restores the original score. Key, page breaks, resolution and instrument settings are reset.

  • Copy

    The Copy button creates a copy of the current layout considering transposition, page breaks, and resolution.

  • Create Music Sheets

    The Create Music Sheets button scores generates music sheets with the current settings for transposition, page breaks, and resolution. The currently loaded layout will be overwritten.

Playback Control

The playback control settings are automatically saved when the playback control is closed.

  • Music Case

    The "Music Case" button leads to the score gallery.

  • Pencil

    The Pencil button leads to the Edit mode.

  • Close

    The Close button closes the playback control.

  • Volume Control

    The volume control changes the global volume (separately for built-in speakers and headphones).

  • Tempo Control

    The tempo control changes the tempo at which the current score is played. Use the "-1" and "+1" buttons to fine-tune the tempo. The button "120 M.M." resets tempo to 120 M.M.

  • Timeline

    The timeline shows the current position in time during playback. The position controller can be dragged to a certain position in the score from which playback is then resumed.

  • Advanced Playback Control

    The button Advanced Playback Control in the lower left corner opens the Advanced playback control.

  • Rewind

    The Rewind button jumps to the beginning of the score.

  • Play/Pause

    The Play button starts playback from the currently selected position on the timeline. While the score is playing, you can stop playback with the Pause button.

Advanced Playback Control

  • Standard Pitch

    The standard pitch control sets the standard pitch for playback. The pitch can be fine-tuned with the buttons "-1" and "+1" and reset to 440 Hz with the button "440 Hz".

  • Transposition
    Use the "Transposition" control to alter pitches played in a score by semitones. The score layout remains unchanged (as opposed to transposition in Edit mode). Use the "-1" and "+1" buttons to fine-tune transposition, and reset transposition to the original pitch with the button "+-0".
  • Mute Voices

    For each voice (line) in the score there is a switch to mute it.

  • Volume Control Voices

    For each voice (line) of the score there is a volume control to customize its volume individually.

  • Instrument Voice

    For each voice (line) of the score there is a menu where its MIDI instrument can be selected from. The default instrument is "Acoustic Grand Piano".


  • Search box

    Enter a search term in the search box. For example, this could be a composer or a title.

  • Search result list

    The result list displays all scores found on scorio. Click on a score to load it in the score preview. The search only finds published scores; private scores (even they belong to you) are not found. To load your personal scores into the Music Case, use "My Scores".

    Scores already loaded are marked as "downloaded" on the left.


  • Login on scorio

    Enter your scorio credentials in the upper panel of the Settings tab and click "Save and Check". If your credentials are valid, the message "Login credentials OK" appears.

  • Create free account

    The "Create your free account" button leads to the registration page of scorio. You need a scorio account to load scores into the Music Case.

  • Activate Music Case

    Click the "Purchase account activation" button to buy the activation of scorio Music Case. This allows you to load and configure scores in scorio Music Case. Without activation, you can test the functionality of Music Case on the pre-installed scores.

  • Restore account activation

    If you have bought the activation on a device, you can use it on up to 4 other devices. For this purpose log in on the new device with your scorio account and click "Restore account activation". The activation will then be downloaded from Apple to your device.

    Note: The activation of scorio Music Case is an Apple In-App purchase. It depends on Apple's terms and conditions for In-App purchases on what or how many devices an activation is possible. We have no influence on that.

  • Extended

    If you click the button "Extended" a menu appears to activate the AirTurn Page Turner. Follow these steps:

    • Connect AirTurn Page Turner

      Connect the AirTurn Page Turner according to the provided instructions for use.

    • Activate AirTurn Page Turner

      Enable the "Use AirTurn" switch only after connecting it. scorio Music Case then identifies the AirTurn Page Turner.

    • Deactivate AirTurn Page Turner

      If you do not use the AirTurn Page Turner any more, deactivate the "Use AirTurn" switch in the "Extended" menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my scores into the Music Case?

    There are several ways to load scores into scorio Music Case:

    • Search

      If the desired score is available in scorio search, you can download it using the Music Case search.

    • Import

      If you have the desired score in MusicXML format or you can create it by exporting the score from another notation program, you can import the score on scorio and save it in your account. Since MusicXML is interpreted in a slightly different way by notation programs, it may be necessary to edit the score in the scorio editor after import. After that you can download the score into scorio Music Case from the "My Scores" tab.

    • Compose / Create your own

      Create a music score in the scorio editor and save it in your account. Use "My Scores" to download the score into scorio Music Case.

    • Convert PDF/Graphics (in preparation)

      If you have the music as a PDF or Postscript file or in a common graphics format (PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP), we will soon offer a solution. We are currently in the process of preparing a service for converting music scores from PDF, Postscript or graphic formats. We will inform our users in the scorio newsletter when we roll out the new conversion service.

  • Why do I need an account with scorio?

    Scores are loaded from your scorio account into the Music Case.

  • What functionality do I get through the activation of the account?

    Without activation you can only view, play, and modify the pre-installed sample scores. With the activation of your account, you can save an arbitrary number of scores for an unlimited time from your scorio account or from the search into the Music Case and configure them as you like.

  • On my new iPad, access to scorio does not work anymore.

    If you already bought the activation on your previous iPad, follow these steps to transfer the activation to your new device:

    • Login

      Log in in the settings tab with your scorio account. You should get the message "Login Credentials OK".

    • Restore activation

      Click the "Restore account activation" button. The scorio Music Case then downloads the activation from Apple. The message "Account is activated" should appear.