What We Offer

What We Offer

Free use

Registering at scorio.com and the basic functions of the Note Editor cost nothing and will remain free in the future.


Business model

scorio.com finances itself with advertising and yet to be introduced premium services. We are working together with different partners to provide top-quality and attractive extra services along the value-adding chain from composition over the sale of sheet music through to performances and merchandising.


Data protection

Services offered by scorio.com are subject to strict German legislation. This is borne out by scorio's data protection guidelines, which document our obligation to carefully protect your personal data and to use it only for the intended purpose.



scorio.com will not tolerate the platform being used as a tool for violating copyrights. As stated in our General Terms and Conditions, all users must ensure that they observe legal copyright regulations. scorio.com is bound by the stringent German copyright legislation. We will immediately pursue any substantiated reports of copyright violations and take appropriate countermeasures as necessary.


Further development

scorio.com is being continually developed and optimised.The requirements and wishes of our users are our paramount guiding principle. To this end, above all we rely on a direct exchange of ideas via the scorio.com forums and other channels of communication. To optimise the Web site, we also use valuations from Google Analytics and from Google Adwords' conversion tracking tool.