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scorio topics for May

Dear readers,

Today's edition of the scorio newsletter includes the following topics:

    • Collaboration with Schott Music
    • New functions at scorio.com
    • scorio in social media

1. Collaboration with Schott Music

Schott Music and scorio have developed their first iPad application – the Schott Pluscore Sing-along app – and introduced their prototype at the Musikmesse this March.

The Schott Pluscore Sing-along app is a combination of sheet music and audio. For the first time, it now offers singers and music lovers interactive access to well-known opera arias and other vocal repertoire. App users can read the notes on iPad while listening to the recordings of the same pieces.

Familiar functions from the scorio music folder such as the "beat" cursor, tempo and key changes, transposition or individual score breaks are also available. In addition, you can record and play your own interpretations.

This app will be available at the App Store right before it is released, which is expected to be mid-June at the latest. Go here for more details.

2. New function at scorio.com

After a long wait, it is finally here: scorio can now "copy & paste"!

This is how you do it: simply highlight the notes or rests that you want to copy and click on "Copy" under the "Edit" menu. Select the location that you want to modify, and add the copied music by clicking on "Insert" under the "Edit" menu. It's even faster for experienced PC users: just use the CTRL + C and CTRL + V commands.

In addition, you can now change the key to your scores at will. Here, too, simply highlight and select the key icon to change to a different key.

Try it out!

And just so you have something to look forward to, we are proud to introduce our next two functions: our indefatigable scorio developers will be implementing the beat and key change in the next two or three weeks. We'll keep you posted!

3. Social Media

Would you like to interact with scorio and become part of the growing scorio community? Then become a fan on our Facebook page or follow us in English on Twitter!

On Facebook, we will notify you in German or in English about the latest scorio events. We also post items that inspire us as well as post our developer concert dates:

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You can also use the scorio notation editor now available on Facebook. We have integrated it as a Facebook application, so you always have access to your notes and don't have to leave the platform any more. Stop by, take a look, and test the scorio Facebook-App!