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scorio topics for July

Dear readers,

Today's edition of the scorio newsletter includes the following topics:

    • New product overview
    • capella start 7
    • Help Page for scorio Music Case App

1. New product overview

You have probably already asked yourself what kind of services the various scorio products offer and what they cost. In order to answer any questions you might have, we have listed all available functions according to products in table form on the scorio product page.

scorio stands behind the principle that writing music should be affordable for everyone. Therefore, all previous scorio functions, including storage space for up to ten music scores, remains free of charge.

If you would like to make use of adavenced functions such as e.g. transposing music or converting scores from PDF to a notation file set, you can subscribe to scorio Pro for only $ 6,99 a month!


2. capella start 7

Here is our new, "small" version of capella!

capella start 7 is suitable for a small ensemble arrangement, a four-part choir arrangement or uncomplex piano works. You write a maximum of four staves per system and a maximum of two voices per stave. You can enter and edit notes, listen to them, transpose and print them. Record your creative ideas in next to no time!

capella start 7 doesn't have all features of the "big" version - but the price of US$ 69.95 is unbeatable. If you write for a large orchestra, if you need the easy-to-use plugIns, the export function and other extras, you will need capella 7.1.

For more information, the free demo version and the online license please address www.capella-software.com.

capella start 7 runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP.

Do you want an online access to your compositions? You should than upgrade to capella 7.1 and export your pieces as MusicXML files. These can be easily imported on scorio.com. Try it out now!


3. Help Page for scorio Music Case App

All musicians dream of having a complete set of their own music scores on hand everywhere they go. The scorio Music Case for iPad makes this dream a reality - and there is more!

This application not only accesses the music you have written, but the scorio score search engine also allows you to search and download other scores to your iPad.

And best of all! You can also edit these, i.e. you can set individual page breaks within the score – and play the music just the way you like it. Did your singer all of a sudden jump ship right before a show and now you have to quickly adapt to someone new? No problem! The scorio Music Case allows you to transpose music at the touch of a button.

Have a look at our new help page to find out how this is done in detail. Take a look right now!

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