Open Technologies

Open Technologies

HTML – Hypertext Markup Language

scorio is technologically based based on HTML. This allows you to use wherever you have access to a Web browser. simply runs in any browser regardless of your operating system or hardware. Other technologies that require the installation of additional software are avoided wherever possible. has been developed for HTML5. We primarily test our application with Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE8 and later), Safari and Safari Mobile on Windows, Linux, Mac OS and iPad platforms, although is also comfortable with other browsers and platforms. In future we want to stretch HTML5 to the limits, and we hope that Microsoft's IE9 will soon take over from its predecessor versions.


PDF – Portable Document Format

Music can easily be saved and shared in Portable Document Format (PDF) and then printed anywhere.


CC - Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) licences enable you to publish your music subject to internationally binding and acknowledged copyright regulations. This creates legal certainty for both the publishers of the music as well as for those people who want to use them. With CC licences, the publisher uses a clearly defined system to determine how the music can be shared, if they can be modified by anybody else, or whether to allow or prohibit commercial usage.


MusicXML – Extendable Markup Language for Music Notation

Importing and exporting compositions with MusicXML gives you the freedom to use other tools apart from to edit and create your own musical. MusicXML has established itself as the global standard for exchanging scores and is supported by all leading notation programs for importing and exporting music files.


MIDI files Musical Instrument Digital Interface Files

scorio generates MIDI files to give you an impression of how the music will sound. Due to their special format MIDI files are extremely small, making them ideal for quickly checking the acoustic characteristics of your music. MIDI files can be imported and exported by numerous notation and sequencer programs.


GWT - Google Web Toolkit

The sophisticated graphical interface of the Note Editor and the Note Search were developed with the Google Web Toolkit or GWT. GWT applications are written in pure Java, from which the highly efficient and portable JavaScript code is generated. This brings the operating convenience familiar from graphical operating systems to all the latest Web browsers.



scorio utilises the Liferay community software as the framework for integrating these modules.