The Platform

The Platform

Intuitive note editor

The note editor allows the user to create and edit notes in any Web browser, be it a simple melody or a multi-voice score with numerous instruments. The input concept using the mouse and a virtual keyboard was intentionally designed to be used intuitively. New notes and chord tones can be easily inserted with a click of the mouse. The position or tone pitch is changed by moving the notes with the mouse (Drap&Drop). … more


Save music online 

Music can be easily saved online. This means that your sheet music is available everywhere, even on the road, wherever you have access to a Web browser. You create your music and save it in your own personal account, which is only accessible to you. Nobody else can use or access your music.


Excellent music notation

You can save and print your music whenever you like as a high-quality PDF document. The superb music notation, which is based on the principles of classical sheet music engraving, is guaranteed by using LilyPond as a sheet music generator. The aesthetically balanced arrangement of notes among multiple systems takes place automatically. LilyPond is regarded by experts as being one of the finest sheet music generators available today. The modular design of the platform will allow the future integration of sheet music generators other than LilyPond.


Publish online and share with your friends 

If you want to, you can publish your music and share it with friends. You must expressly give your approval for publication and decide to put it under a licence to enable others to use your music. Your published music is listed in the search engine so that it can be found by other platform users.


Search for music written by other people

You can use the Music Search at to search for all published scores by keyword (title, composer, etc.) and load them in the Note Editor. This is ideal for adapting music to meet your own needs. The Music Search will be successively expanded with Web links so that you will also be able to find sheet music available elsewhere on the Web.


Communicate with scorio and others

In the forums you can swap questions and wishes with other scorio users regarding the note editor or any other music-related topics. The forums are looked after by the scorio team to provide you with expert help.
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Facebook Connect

You can also log on to scorio using your Facebook account. How you benefit: You don't need to remember a new password. Your Facebook login gives you full access to the scorio platform.